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A Prayer for the World

Of all the spiritual attributes, love is the greatest. Each being and country needs the warmth and support of the universal spiritual energy. Every breath of love taken in opens the way to fulfillment and enlightenment. Every breath of love exhaled opens the way for others. Spiritual love then expands into a powerful energy. The more it grows, the stronger it becomes. This is true of the soul and every nation. The more wisdom souls and nations attain, the stronger they become.

Every step taken represents a part of the growth cycle. When a step is taken with the love of humankind, the step becomes at one with the universe. When goodness is at the foundation of every step and every breath taken, there is no challenge that cannot be accepted. The heart and soul remain intact when centered on the love of one another and in the love of our Infinite Spirit.

It is in the darkness of fear, that steps are taken toward the destruction of another; war. To turn all darkness into a flowing stream of the light of love would bring an energy too beautiful to describe; peace. May all existing love-light beings share their sparks with all matter. When sparks hit someone or something else, they ignite more sparks. It then becomes a magnificent cycle. For one soul or country to grow in enlightenment makes another soul or country look at its own path. This leads souls and countries to heal and become beacons of light and love.

Samara Anjelae


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