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Angel Girl and the Hawk: Secrets of the Cold War

A Novel

The National Security Agency had a secret within a secret that only six presidents and a handful of generals knew about. Until now!

The NSA dubbed the “No Such Agency,” created a division called Covert Operations, an elite group of undercover operatives: super-warriors and psychics. The agency was on the leading edge of integrating paranormal resources with top-secret assignments.  

Angel Girl and the Hawk follows the lives of two young recruits at the height of the Cold War. Sally Stone, a young psychic who speaks with angels and has Hollywood aspirations, and Winston Forester, a thrill seeker field agent with a genius IQ and physical skills of a professional athlete.

The two begin a romance in defiance of the agency’s no-dating policy. Their work is dangerous and adventurous and involves overseas missions to East Germany, Budapest, Egypt, Columbia, and closer to home Mexico City as well as missions on American soil that involve a cocaine cartel that uses Lexington, Kentucky as a gateway to surrounding cities for drug smuggling and child sex trafficking.

Along the way, Winston acquires a nemesis who pursues a life-threatening vendetta against him. As Winston and Sally serve the NSA’s agenda, their disdain for evil, war, and politics grows as mysteries and secrets are revealed. To survive, the two must use their special powers and master both the physical and the unseen world.


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Latest Release:

Angels Before You: A Tale of a Great Flame following a Little Light

An award-winning gift book

Angels Before You: A Tale of a Great Flame following a Little Light is a beautifully illustrated, four-color, gift book­­–64 pages with a glossary and summary.  This inspirational tale explores the pilgrimage of the soul on an inward journey to the heart when a sacred manuscript is discovered. Angels Before You is more than a spiritual tale, it is also a guide for spiritual achievement for those who desire more.

         Angels Before You embodies some of the symbolic language and teachings that are found in the Bible, the Kabala, Esoteric Astrology, and Hindu philosophy. The higher meaning and symbolism used in the book are inspired mainly by Helena P. Blavatsky, a founder of the Theosophical Society.

         Angels Before You a visual tale of the evolving soul. A timeless classic by Samara Anjelae blending spirituality, mysticism and psychology.

Best Overall Design for Fiction Book, Cover illustration by Samara

Bestsellers and award-winning angel books: 100 Ways to Attract Angels and Angel Prayers

Samara’s bestselling books include Angel Prayers and 100 Ways to Attract Angels, first editions 1994. 100 Ways received the COVR (Coalition of Visionary Resources Award) for Best 2003 General Interest Book.

Children’s Gift Books​: My Guardian Angel, My Fairy Godmother, My Magical Mermaid, and the awarding winning Wonder Windows (COVR  Award for Best 2002 Children’s Book)

Her children’s books are: My Guardian Angel, My Fairy Godmother and My Magical Mermaid. A gift box set of all three children’s books, Wonder Windows, received the Visionary Award for Best Children’s Book for 2002.