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Photo by Peter Simon, Martha's Vineyard

Samara is a storyteller, metaphysical healer and teacher, best-selling author of numerous books, and artist.

Everything you need to know about Samara cannot be easily summed into a tidy equation. She has worked with thousands of people as a Certified Medium in discovering and using the full potential of their own creative and intuitive powers for personal growth and healing. She has shared the stage with kindred spirit and fellow angel communicator, Beatle, Sir George Harrison on the NBC Angel Special, Beyond the Light.

Samara has had many mystical experiences over the course of her life, including early on swimming with dolphins in the wild that led to changing her name from Sally Sharp to Samara Anjelae. A most recent experience was at the Egyptian Temple of Hathor where she had a dramatic spiritual rebirth.

Samara’s most notable attribute may be her healing hands. For decades, scientists, doctors, educators, musicians, and people from all walks of life sought her out for her healing gifts. Her signature work is an ultra-high vibrational healing system that combines ancient energies, reiki, angelic healing rays, thought-healing, and sacred breathing.

Her power as a “God Vessel” as Samara calls it, inspired her latest series of paintings, “Healing Hands.” The paintings transcend technique but are accompanied with divine vibrations and prayerful thoughts that impart light, beauty, mystery, and healing. Samara’s painting are on exhibit at The Gallery at Long Island Studio and many hang in homes and offices throughout America and Europe.

Samara resides in the rolling hills of Kentucky where she continues to write and paint. Her first novel inspired by true events was released quietly during the pandemic. Samara is now working on completing and sharing her life story through film or print, working title, “My Sister’s Mother.”